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..once and future...

The body looked vital. However, within the husk of material form …was nothing.  Well, not nothing.  The spirit was there, but it was not enthroned properly.  Chakras were misaligned.  

Muladhara was present, but ungrounded and too seldom stimulated…a victim of conditioning.  

Svadisthana… unraveled from physical injury… spun only with an extreme force of Thought and Will.  

And Will, known as Manipura, was recovering from years of abuse – perhaps never to be the same.  

Anahata, the strongest in this case, filled and led his world and was vigilantly protected.  However, while an ocean has millennia to break down the rocks on a beach… what good is the warm water of emotion crashing against the sharp, cold, and unforgiving earth of the material world during a single lifetime?  

Vishuddha, often silent on account of Ajna being overdeveloped and unable to relate.  

These misalignments resulted in Sahasrara accepting any number of influences and input…a cacophony of inspiration.  

They say a solution cannot be found unless the problem can be clearly identified.  So there was still hope for the once and future King…if not in this life, then the next...

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